The Forum for African Women Educationalists Zimbabwe Chapter (FAWEZI) is a non-governmental organisation established in 1998 and registered as a private voluntary organisation in 1999. FAWEZI is an affiliate of the Forum for African Women Educationalists (FAWE), a Pan-African Non-Governmental organization based in Nairobi, Kenya. Visit www.fawezi.org for more info.

FAWEZI works with communities, schools, civil society, non-governmental organizations and ministries to achieve gender equity and equality in education through targeted programs. Our work influences government policy, builds public awareness, demonstrates best educational practice through effective models, and encourages the adoption of these models by governments and institutions of education.

Here we wish to share stories from every corner of FAWEZI’s work — from us in the office, to the National Executive Committee, and most importantly, FAWEZI’s beneficiaries. Have a FAWEZI story you want to share? Send it to us! We’ll make sure it gets included here. In the meantime read away, and learn why we do what we do.

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